What we do best!

When I realized that I should write a short blog text for Floworks brand new webpages, I suddenly had a writer’s block. I had been involved with Floworks since January and been a part of this great project, and still I thought I have nothing to say about it! Then I decided I should just write something I know best.

Our project’s name was “Floworks Brand Project”, and purposes of our project were branding Floworks with promotion, new info material and renew websites. When our team first got together, I have to admit; we were a bit lost and unorganized. It seemed a rather irresponsible to let five students to plan important promotion events, be responsible of Floworks new design, and renew webpages and its content. Don’t get me wrong; of course we had an amazing coach, who helped us get through difficult moments. But still it seemed that this was our project rather than something we just had to do for the school.

That’s the beauty of Floworks: it lets you, as a student, be the real expert.  Floworks and its staff actually believed that we can do the things they were expecting us to do, making our team members specialists in our field. Still Floworks offered us the support we needed every time we started to doubt ourselves or own decisions, and the message was always positive and encouraging.

With a little help we managed to get our team and ourselves together, promoted Floworks to other staff members, organized couple of workshops and helped creating these awesome webpages.  When someone said to me half a year ago that I would be doing all of that, I thought, that I don’t know enough about branding or marketing to do that. Of course I was wrong. I did know enough about everything Floworks asked us to do; I just didn’t have had an opportunity to show my skills until in Floworks.

– Viivi Harra, project leader