Floworks is a 21st century development hub and a collaborative network at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), focusing on digital transformation of higher education. We collaborate with TAMK staff and students across disciplines to improve the quality and efficacy of education in TAMK.

We provide TAMK students and academic staff with:

  • Authentic and interdisciplinary project-based learning opportunities within the Floworks Living Lab
  • Coordination of and partnerships for the digitization of¬†learning and teaching in TAMK
  • Training and workshops on current subjects from technological and pedagogical perspectives
  • Everyday technical support for the use of education technology

Floworks contributes to the development of teaching and learning in TAMK through initiatives and activities in a variety of different areas, such as:

  • Floworks Living Lab projects
  • National and international RDI
  • HRD
  • Digital strategy process
  • ICT and learning environment development
  • Publications
  • National and international networks

European Centre of Excellence – Quality Certificate

Floworks was granted the international European Centre of Excellence quality certificate in 2015 by the European Network for the Integration of Web 2.0 in Education and Work. The certificate stands for excellence and capability to utilize Web 2.0 and mobile solutions in the daily operations, such as personnel training and living lab projects. For more information on the network, see http://www.ed20work.eu. The list of current certificated organizations can be found here: http://www.ed20work.eu/node/11696