Living Lab

Floworks Living Lab brings together TAMK’s students and staff to co-develop TAMK. Our main activities are learning projects which are student driven development projects dealing with cases drawn from various TAMK units. Common formats for student participation include free-choice/project studies and internships.

Floworks Living Lab projects interconnect to genuine needs, and their aim is to generate both individual knowhow as well as a valuable end product. The end product can be, for instance, a work assessment tool for project- and team-oriented learning, graduation thesis, job training report, investigation of development possibilities in higher education, blogging platform for a degree programme, instructions for the usage of social media in organizations, or a prototype of an educational game. The mission of Floworks is to offer service design and education technology perspectives to the projects, and on the other hand strive and contribute to the digitization of HE with the help of its living lab projects.

The project assignment can come from TAMK’s internal departments or from an external company or 1900033_827647323941470_1416813334678237893_norganization, and the projects can hire both students and teachers from TAMK, but all Floworks projects must always be approved by a representative of the affiliated degree program. In practice, this means that the students have to discuss the projects with their teachers and everyone ought to have a clear understanding of the project’s objectives before the project can be properly initiated. In addition, projects made with or for external companies or organizations are always directed to Floworks via TAMK’s Extension Studies and Business Operations unit TAMK EDU.