The service supply of Floworks Living Lab consists of three key areas
: learning environment, project tools, and instructional support.


Learning environment: The open working space e.g. for group meetings or workshops, devices (Samsung laptops, iPad tablet computers, iMac workstation etc.), software applications and other work equipment. Various specialized resource purchases can also be considered on a per-project basis.

Project tools: Web environments, group project models and templates. Floworks constantly tests and evaluates new working gear, and the knowhow acquired from this process is naturally utilized in Floworks Living Lab projects. People working in these projects will learn methods for the long-span development of products and services, agile development practices and customer-oriented work.

Instructional support: Assistance in project management, coaching and facilitation, trainings for technologies and content production. Floworks will not act as an administrator, however; instead, the objective is to find sustainable solutions (e.g. with the help of personnel training, the client can take care of maintenance themselves), which in turn guarantee the natural continuation of the project.